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Advantages of 2x2 gypsum tile grid false ceiling

Advantages of 2x2 gypsum tile grid false ceiling

Advantages of 2x2 gypsum tile grid false ceiling

If you are looking for a cost-effective false ceiling, the gypsum tile modular grid false ceiling is a great choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

It has more features and advantages while comparing to the thermocol false ceilings. It is very cheaper than gypsum plasterboard false ceilings and stronger than thermocol false ceilings.

Grid False Ceiling Advantages

  • Vinyl Faced Ceiling Tiles: The ceiling tile comes with a pre-finished vinyl layer with elegant texture patterns. Hence you don't have to paint your ceiling as you do in the regular gypsum false ceilings. Therefore you will save the painting cost up to Rs.25/sq.ft.
  • Foil Back Ceiling Tiles: The ceiling tile comes with metalized polyester foil on its back to protect the tile from water drops.
  • Powder Coated T-Grids: The white polyester paint on the exposed surfaces of T-grid makes a perfect match with ceiling tiles.
  • Quick Installation: Its readymade interlocking system makes the installation process ten times faster than thermocol ceilings.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Lay-in type ceiling system is more convenient for periodic maintenance work. You can easily take out the ceiling tiles whenever you require to inspect or do any alteration works on your false ceiling.
  • Up To 80% Reusable Materials: Its easy detachable interlocking system helps dismantle the T-grids system for reuse when it's required.
  • Heat Reduction: It will reduce up to 80% of heat exposure in summer, which will reduce the load of your air conditioner.

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