How much does a false ceiling cost in Chennai?

How much does a false ceiling cost in Chennai?

How much does a false ceiling cost in Chennai?

If you are looking for an approximated cost estimation for a simple design of Gyproc® brand gypsum plasterboard false ceiling, this post might be helpful for you.

In this post we are going to calculate the approximated cost for the design you see in the image. This calculation is based on the 10'x10' size of bedroom for Saint-Gobain's Gypframe® Xpert metal frames and Gyproc® 12.5mm thick of plain gypsum plasterboards and Gyproc® metal accessories and including supply of materials and Gyproc's recommended installation charges etc. As well as we have added up the cost estimations for false ceiling lighting and painting works to understand how much money should you need to complete the whole false ceiling works for a 10x10 room.

False Ceiling Cost Calculation

  • First level plain ceiling: 64 sq.ft x Rs.70 = Rs.4,480/-
  • Second level bottom layers: 51 sq.ft x Rs.70 = Rs.3,570/-
  • Cove verticals (Inner 32' + Outer 28'): 60 ft x Rs.70 = Rs.4,200/-

Refer the post "how to calculate gypsum design false ceilings" for false ceiling area calculation.

Total False Ceiling Cost: Rs.14,455/-

(Total Area: 175 sq.ft x Rs.70/sq.ft + 18% GST Rs.2,205/-).

Total Ceiling Painting Cost: Rs.5,162/-

(Total Painting Area: 175 Sq.ft x Rs.25/sq.ft + 18% GST Rs.787/-).

Total Ceiling lighting Cost: Rs.10,148/-

(8w LED Lights: 8 No's x Rs.700 + LED Rope: 10m x Rs.300 + 18% GST Rs.1,548/-)

Total false ceiling cost with lighting and painting is Rs.29,765/-

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