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Gyproc® Ceiling Materials Price

Gyproc Ceiling Materials Price List

101Ceiling AngleXpert₹70
102Perimeter ChannelXpert₹120
103Intermediate ChannelXpert₹175
104Ceiling SectionXpert₹175
105Ceiling AngleUltra₹115
106Perimeter ChannelUltra₹245
107Intermediate ChannelUltra₹395
108Ceiling SectionUltra₹395
109Rawl Plug (100 No's)Gyproc₹1050
110Soffit Cleat (50 No's)Gyproc₹350
111M6 Bolt Nut (250 No's)Gyproc₹1000
112Metal to Metal Screw (500 No's)Gyproc₹550
113Connecting Clip (100 No's)Gyproc₹625
11425mm Drywall Screw (1000 No's)Gyproc₹425
115Jointing Compound (25 Kg Bag)Easi-Fill₹550
116Fiber Mesh Joint Tape (90 Meter Roll)Gyproc₹180
117Gypsum Plasterboard (Plain/Regular)Gyproc₹420
118Gypsum Plasterboard (Moisture Resistant)Gyproc₹725

Last updated: January 08, 2022

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