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FAQ - Gypsum False Ceiling

1. How much does a false ceiling cost for a 10x10 bedroom?

A single layer of 1st quality Gyproc false ceiling cost with GST for a 10x10 bedroom is ₹17,700 based on the current false ceiling price of ₹150/sq.ft in Chennai. If you plan some designs, the total false ceiling cost may increase as per the design layers.

2. Do gypsum false ceilings come with painting and lighting?

No! Gypsum false ceiling does not come with painting or lighting. It does come with a joint putty finish only. If you want the gypsum false ceiling with lighting and painting, please choose our false ceiling bundle pack that comes with lighting and painting.

3. How long does the gypsum plasterboard false ceiling last?

That depends on what quality of materials used to construct the false ceiling, such as metal frames, metal accessories, plasterboard, and the installation method. The installation part plays a crucial role in the gypsum plasterboard false ceilings' life.

4. What is the difference between the MR and regular boards?

Regular plasterboards are prone to moisture damage, while MR plasterboards are made to resist moisture. Therefore you will get more protection for your gypsum plasterboard false ceiling against moisture damage. MR board color: Pale green.

5. Why GypSerra metal frame is the best for gypsum ceilings?

GypSerra is the latest and best-quality metal frame from Saint-Gobain Gyproc. It has a unique serration pattern with a 150 GSM Zinc coating that triples the resistance against corrosion compared to the previous generation of Gyproc Ultra metal frames.

6. Why should we use Gyproc accessories in Gyproc ceilings?

The Gyproc metal accessories are built to withstand intense weather conditions. But the local metal accessories are not like that. If the metal accessories get damaged, the false ceiling may fall out and require to spend more than a new false ceiling cost.

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