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How to calculate gypsum design false ceilings?

False Ceiling Area Calculator

Room Length
Room Width
Layer Type
Bottom Width

 ⅈ   Please note that the input unit is inches!

How to use false ceiling calculator?

Design False Ceiling Area Calculation

1. Take the room's length and width in inches and enter the value in the respective fields.
2. Take the second layer's bottom width and enter the value in inches in the field.
3. Select the second layer type and hit the calculate button.

Plain False Ceiling Area Calculation

Just enter the length and width of the room on the first two fields and hit the calculate button.

False Ceiling Measurement Rules

1. Only visible or accessible parts can be measured.
2. Less than 12 inches width should be taken in running feet.
3. Any open spaces left or made on the false ceilings should not be deducted, such as light fittings, A/c units or grills, trapdoors, pillars, etc.

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