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Gypsum False Ceiling Design #6
Commercial Gypsum plaster board false ceiling

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False Ceiling Price ₹60/sq.ft

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Saint-Gobain Gyproc® Xpert gypsum false ceiling

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False Ceiling Price ₹70/sq.ft

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Saint-Gobain Gyproc® Ultra gypsum false ceiling

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False Ceiling Price ₹80/sq.ft

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False Ceiling 2D Work Drawing

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Offer Terms

Min Order Value: ₹3000
Only for false ceiling conntractors
Not applicable on 3D designing projects

Gypsum Ceiling 3D Designing

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Min Quantity: 1000 Sq.ft
Applicable for residential projects
Not applicable for false ceiling contractors

Frequently Asked Questions

 1:  How much does a Gyproc® false ceiling cost for a 10'x10' room?

Gyproc® false ceiling cost with genuine metal frames and accessories starts from ₹70/sq.ft. Single layer of Gyproc® Xpert plain false ceiling cost for a 10'x10' room is ₹8,260/- including 18% GST!

 2:  How much does the painting and lighting cost for a false ceiling?

Gypsum false ceiling painting and lighting cost with apcolite® premium emulsion paint, and 4 numbers of 15w LED slim panel lights, and single color LED strip light is ₹12,921/- including 18% GST!

 3:  Does false ceiling price include the materials and labor charges?

Yes, false ceiling price includes the materials and labour charges. But the GST is not included in false ceiling price, you need to pay 18% GST as per the current tax rate of works contract services!

 4:  Does gypsum board false ceiling come with lighting and painting?

No! it doesn't come with lighting or painting. Gypsum plasterboard false ceiling comes with joint putty finish only. Please choose bundle pack if you want your false ceilings with lighting and painting!

 5:  How long does it take to complete a false ceiling for 10x10 room?

Installing a single layer of plain gypsum board false ceiling in a 10'x10' size of the bedroom will take only a few hours. But if it has any design layers, it will take a day or even more as per the designs!

 6:  Which type of gypsum false ceiling is best for commercial space?

The 2x2 gypsum tile T-grid false ceiling is the cheapest and best product for commercial places and as well as residential places where the original roof is made by cement sheets or metal sheets!

 7:  Which type of gypsum plasterboard is best for the moisture area?

Moisture Resistant (MR) gypsum plasterboards are the best choice for moistured areas like toilets, washrooms, etc. However, it's not so important to use the MR board if the false ceiling is painted with a washable acrylic emulsion!

 8:  How long does a gypsum false ceiling last without any damages?

Plasterboard false ceiling's life completely depends on the quality of false ceiling metal accessories and false ceiling installation method. So, using the first-class false ceiling metal frames and plasterboards won't extend the ceiling's life!

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