False Ceiling Price from ₹43/sq.ft*

For 2x2 modular grid false ceiling with vinyl-faced gypsum ceiling tiles.

*Only for large spaces above 1000 sq.ft. The regular price is ₹80/sq.ft.

False Ceiling Cost Calculator

Want to know the estimated false ceiling cost for a gypsum false ceiling with lighting and painting?

Use our false ceiling cost calculator to check the total false ceiling cost estimations for gypsum false ceilings with lighting and painting!

False ceiling designs gallery

False Ceiling Designs

₹160/sq.ft with lighting and painting.

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False ceiling materials list

False Ceiling Materials

Free delivery for regular customers.

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False ceiling led panel lights

False Ceiling Lighting

Branded LED lights from ₹250 only.

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Gypsum Ceiling Area Calculator

Use our false ceiling area calculator to calculate the gypsum false ceiling designs.

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False Ceiling Material Calculator

Use our false ceiling material calculator to get the required false ceiling materials list.

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False Ceiling Lighting Calculator

Use our false ceiling light calculator to know how many LED panel lights required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is false ceiling?

A false ceiling is an additional layer of ceiling that comes under the roof to improve the aesthetics of the interior space.

Why false ceiling is used?

False ceilings are widely used to conceal beams, wiring, piping, ducting and to improve lighting and air conditioning.

Which false ceiling is best?

The gypsum board false ceiling is the best option for longevity, while the 2x2 grid false ceiling is the cheapest option.

How long false ceiling last?

With proper care, a grid false ceiling can last up to 10 years, while a plasterboard false ceiling can last over 20 years.

Do false ceiling reduce heat?

Yes, a false ceiling reduces heat exposure from the roof since the heat gets trapped between the false ceiling layers.

How false ceiling is measured?

False ceilings are usually measured in sq.ft by length and width, while less than 1 ft width is measured in running feet.

How much does a false ceiling cost?

A simple design gypsum false ceiling with lighting and painting for a 10x10 room costs ₹22,278 with 18% GST in India.

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