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False Ceiling Area Calculator

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How to calculate false ceiling area?

You can use this false ceiling area calculator to calculate the plain ceiling, and the box or cove layer comes around the wall side with or without a top layer. To calculate the plain ceilings, select the ceiling type, enter the length and width to the respective fields, and hit the calculate button. But for other ceiling types, also enter the bottom width of the second layer ceiling in inches.

Ceiling types and uses

Plain Ceiling: To calculate the plain false ceilings only.

Plain Ceiling With Box: To calculate plain false ceiling with a box type second layer.

Plain Ceiling With Cove: To calculate plain false ceiling with a cove type second layer.

Plain Ceiling Without box / Plain Ceiling Without Cove: These ceiling types are as same as the "Plain Ceiling With Box" and "Plain Ceiling With Cove" only. The only difference is there is no main false ceiling layer here. The actual soffit (original roof) will be exposed since the wall side layers are installed directly to the soffit. You can reduce the overall square feet on these types of installation methods. But durability is the big question mark here. The reputed false ceiling companies won't do these kinds of practices. But still, some of the false ceiling companies and local false ceiling contractors are doing these kinds of jobs to make cost cuts on their quotations.

Features and uses

 M+  To add the total quantity to the total sq.ft.

 M-  To subtract the total quantity from the total sq.ft.

 MC  To clear the memory and reset the total sq.ft to zero.

 Design Layers  To jump between the main and design calculators.

Total: XXX Sq.Ft : Click on the quantity to get the total false ceiling cost.

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