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False Ceiling Cost Estimate

Price/unit: ₹160/sq.ft
Total Qty: 100 Sq.Ft
Sub-total: ₹16,000
GST Value: ₹2,880.00
Rounded Off: ₹0.00
Total Amount:₹18,880

For gypsum board false ceiling with loop wiring, lighting and painting.

Quantity (Sq.Ft)*

Use of this false ceiling cost calculator

Using this false ceiling cost calculator, you can check the total cost estimations of Shaj Interior for the gypsum plasterboard false ceilings with lighting and painting with GST. It will give you an idea of the rough estimation for a false ceiling before you step in to make any purchases.

But for that, you will need the total false ceiling area to calculate the cost estimations on this calculator. False ceilings are not always calculated only by the room's length and width, as many people think. The design layers are also counted with the base quantity unless it's a plain ceiling like an RC roof. The majority of people go with designer ceilings only.

You can use our false ceiling area calculators to speed up the calculation process. Our calculators are highly accurate and error-free compared to the manual calculation method. Once you have the total quantity, please enter and hit the calculate button to get the false ceiling cost estimations in front of your screen with goods and service tax.

Pro tip: Choose false ceiling designs with less complexity as much as possible to reduce the overall ceiling budget. If you don't care about its lifespan, you can choose the true-ceiling designs to reduce the overall false ceiling budget.

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False ceiling price from ₹43/sq.ft

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