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Chennai Pricing List

ID2x2 Gypsum Tile CeilingPrice Rs.
A124mm Local T-grid with 7mm tiles50/Ft2
A224mm USG® T-grid with 7mm tiles60/Ft2
ID2x2 Acoustic Tile CeilingPrice Rs.
B1USG® 24mm T-grid with 12mm tiles80/Ft2
B2Armstrong® T-grid with 12mm tiles90/Ft2
IDGypsum Board CeilingsPrice Rs.
C1Gyproc® board with G.I framework60/Ft2
C2Gyproc® board with Xpert framework70/Ft2
C3Gyproc® board with Ultra framework80/Ft2
IDInterior Drywall PanellingPrice Rs.
D1Gyproc® board with heavy frames70/Ft2
D2Gyproc® board with Gyproc® frames90/Ft2
IDInterior Drywall PartitionPrice Rs.
E1Gyproc® board with heavy frames100/Ft2
E2Gyproc® board with Gyproc® frames150/Ft2
IDFalse Ceiling LightingsPrice Rs.
F13W COB with 1 year onsite warranty*500/No
F2LED rope with 1 year onsite warranty*300/M1
F315W LED with 2 years onsite warranty*900/No

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