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ID2x2 Grid False CeilingsPrice
A1Gyproc® T-grid + gypsum tiles₹100/Ft2
A2Gyproc® T-grid + mineral fiber tiles₹150/Ft2
IDGypsum Board CeilingsPrice
B1Gyproc® board with XpertMF₹100/Ft2
B2Gyproc® board with UltraMF₹120/Ft2
B3Gyproc® board with GypSerraMF₹150/Ft2
B4Gyproc® Xpert Bundle Pack₹200/Ft2
B5Gyproc® Ultra™ Bundle Pack₹220/Ft2
B6Gyproc® GypSerra Bundle Pack₹250/Ft2
IDWall Paneling & PartitionPrice
C1Gyproc gypsum board wall paneling₹180/Ft2
C23" thick Gyproc gypsum board partition₹220/Ft2
C35" thick Gyproc gypsum board partition₹330/Ft2
IDFalse Ceiling LED LightsPrice
D1Rope Light (6 month replacement warranty)₹150/M1
D23W COB Light (1 year replacement warranty)₹250/No
D38W Panel Light (2 year replacement warranty)₹400/No
D415W Panel Light (2 year replacement warranty)₹600/No
D522W Panel Light (2 year replacement warranty)₹800/No

Free delivery for false ceiling lights within Chennai. For queries, please call 9940041907.

Last updated: January 08, 2022

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