Chennai Pricing List

IDGypsum Board CeilingsPrice
A1Gyproc® board with Xpert G.I frames₹70/Ft2
A2Gyproc® board with Ultra G.I frames₹80/Ft2
A3Gyproc® board with GypSerra G.I frames₹90/Ft2
IDDrywalls / Wall PanelingPrice
B1Gypsum wall paneling with G.I frames₹70/Ft2
B2Gypsum drywall partition with G.I frames₹90/Ft2
B3Calcium silicate drywall with G.I frames₹120/Ft2
ID2x2 T-Grid False CeilingPrice
C1Local grid with 7mm local gypsum tiles₹50/Ft2
C2USG® grid with 7mm USG® gypsum tiles₹60/Ft2
C3Armstrong® grid with 7mm ArmGyp® tiles₹70/Ft2
C4USG® grid with USG® 12mm AMF tiles₹80/Ft2
C5Armstrong® grid with 12mm AMF tiles₹90/Ft2
IDFalse Ceiling LED LightsPrice
D13W COB (1 year replacement warranty)₹200/Pc
D28W Panel (2 years replacement warranty)₹300/Pc
D315W Panel (2 years replacement warranty)₹500/Pc
D422W Panel (2 years replacement warranty)₹700/Pc
D52x2 Panel (2 years replacement warranty)₹2000/Pc

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