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False Ceiling Design 1002

False Ceiling Design #1002
False Ceiling Design #1002

Additional Works

RGB Remote: ₹2000 x 4 No.₹8,000
Wood Paint: ₹120 x 104 Sq.Ft₹12,480

Please Note: A/C, ceiling fans, chandelier, or any other types of fancy light fittings are not included in the total false ceiling cost. And the additional light fitting cost includes the electrical wiring, marking, cut-open, and installation charges.

Total False Ceiling Cost ₹110,480

False Ceiling Price₹250/sq.ft
Quantity (All layers)360 sq.ft
False Ceiling Cost₹90,000
Additional Works₹20,480
Min. Room Size17' x 10'
Level Clearance10 Inches
Job Duration7-9 Days

Local Gypsum False Ceiling Price From ₹48/sq.ft in Chennai

No price difference between plain false ceiling and designer false ceiling price. Lowest price false ceilings in Chennai.

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Local Grid False Ceiling Price From ₹58/sq.ft in Chennai

Supply and fixing of 24mm flat T grid with 7mm PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles.

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