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False Ceiling Design #1080
False Ceiling Design #1080

False Ceiling Cost ₹102,707

False Ceiling Price1₹160/sq.ft
Plain Ceiling Cost2₹40,320
Design Layers3₹46,720
GST (18%)₹15,667
Level Clearance10 Inches
Active Job Duration10-13 Days
1. Gyproc® ceiling with painting & lighting. 2. Plain Ceiling: 252 sq.ft (18' x 14'). 3. Design Layers: 292 sq.ft.

Add-ons Detail

    What is add-ons? The false ceiling bundle pack includes LED rope lights for cove design layers and up to 4 LED panel lights for every 100 sq.ft of plain ceiling layers. Additional products or services required for the false ceiling design are considered add-ons!

    False Ceiling Design ID: 1080


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