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False Ceiling Design #1065
False Ceiling Design #1065

Total False Ceiling Cost ₹81,774

Bundle pack price₹240/sq.ft
Plain ceiling cost₹28,800
Design layer cost₹34,800
Add-on cost₹5,700
GST (18%)₹12,474
Min. room size12' x 10'
Level clearance10 Inches
Active job duration5-7 Days
False Ceiling Specification: The false ceiling bundle pack includes ceiling painting & lighting with wiring and installation.

Add-ons Cost Detail

  • 15W LED Panel: ₹700 x 3 No.₹2,100
  • Wood Finish: ₹120 x 30 Sq.Ft₹3,600

False Ceiling Design ID: 1065

A reference image

Grid False Ceiling From ₹50/sq.ft

With 24 mm T-grid system with 7 mm thick of 2x2 gypsum ceiling tiles.  Contact » 

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